Schickel Design

Located in the historic Over-The-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati, Schickel Design is a creative, award winning, multi-disciplinary design firm. Building on strong design skills and a distinguished record of fine projects Schickel Design serves a variety of clients and has been integral to the recent rejuvenation of the Over The Rhine Neighborhood.

Martha Schickel Dorff, AIA

President & Owner

Martha is an award-winning architect who brings vision to the field of design and architecture. Her work includes numerous successful Interiors, Urban Design and Architectural projects. She brings a passion for excellence, a rich family history of inspired design and a creative and collaborative approach to all her projects.

Bryan Peter

Director of Practice Development

Bryan received a degree in Business from UC, as well as his March from Georgia Tech. Bryan and his wife Summer settled in Atlanta where he spent over 7 years as a designer and project manager with Amy Landesberg Architects. With the arrival of children, the Peter’s returned to their hometown of Cincinnati to be closer to family.



Schickel Design Company grew out of a rich heritage of inspired design and fine craftsmanship with roots in the landmark architecture of William Schickel I, Architect, who designed over 150 major buildings in Manhattan and Emil Frei whose stained glass is found in hundreds of churches throughout the country. William Schickel II carried on these traditions, founding the company in 1948 in a barn studio outside Loveland, OH where he created award-winning architectural and interior designs, furnishings, works of art and stained glass for clients nationwide. See "Frugal splendor: artist William Schickel pursues simplicity in his life and work" National Catholic Reporter, Sept 21, 2007 by Margot Patterson.

In 2000, after working under his guidance for 27 years, Schickel’s daughter, Martha Schickel Dorff took over management of the company. As an architect registered in the state of Ohio with a BA in Fine Art and a Masters in Architecture, Mrs. Dorff has continued the excellent work begun by her forebears.